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Discover An Amazing 'Technology' That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors And Increase Your Rankings
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10 February 2011

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This is software that helps you get regularly updated content to your website.

RSS equalizer lets you get frequently updated content to be published on a web site. With the right keywords, that can give you a very high ranking on the search results. The frequent updates attract the search engine bots and the page is frequently indexed. While it can work with another product, the traffic equalizer, from the same company provides a good match. It will work well with any web page. In fact, the pages could be simple HTML pages, no sophisticated JavaScript stuff is needed. The tool obtains content from XML formatted RSS feeds and publishes fresh content regularly yet automatically so that the webmaster is not weighed down. If you choose the RSS feeds wisely, you are able to get quality content into your site. If you have the right keywords stuffed into the content, your target audience will find you easily and the click through rate and the subsequent conversion is going to improve.

The tool has keyword tracking built in, so that you know exactly which pages and which keywords are getting you traffic. Lumping together a large number of RSS feeds, in fact unlimited numbers, can help get even more targeted traffic. You could even build groups of RSS feeds that act as a single feed. Multiple instances of the RSS equalizer could be used on a single web page. Feeds can be rotated to make sure the supply of content is always fresh and quality stuff. This could be a boon to a busy webmaster. The alternative is to write a large amount of content, regularly, frequently! Best bet with Internet traffic is to try out this solution, you will be able to exactly asses what kind of results you are getting.

Publisher's description

Built-In Keyword Tracking Tells You EXACTLY How
Many Visitors Each Of Your Pages Are Generating!
I have to admit... there's one big "pain" involved with using my Traffic Equalizer software. It's the fact that you have no way of know which of those pages are receiving traffic - and if they are, how MUCH traffic is being generated.
Well, that's no longer a problem because RSS Equalizer has advanced keyword tracking built right in. That means you'll know exactly which keywords (pages) are generating traffic.
No doubt about... RSS Equalizer offers some powerful benefits:
* allows you to add fully dynamic theme-related content to your web pages
* can be easily included on all your Traffic Equalizer pages
* use it on ANY website (even if you don't own Traffic Equalizer)
* there is no javascript involved - your pages remain in HTML format
* pages are automatically updated whenever RSS feeds are updated
* frequent content changes equates to more visits from search engine spiders
* having quality fresh new content gets your web pages indexed faster
* gives you a lucrative and effortless income source through ClickBank
* has advanced keyword tracking built right in for traffic analysis
* easily add unlimited RSS feeds for maximum flexibility
* build groups of RSS feeds that will act as a single RSS feed
* caching of RSS feeds greatly reduces your bandwidth
* use multiple instances of RSS Equalizer on any Web page
* rotate unlimited RSS feeds to avoid stale content
The bottom line is... if you're not using RSS Equalizer, you're only working at a fraction of your maximum SEO capacity. AND, at the very least, you're minimizing your chances of not only getting top search engine page rank but KEEPING it as well.
RSS Equalizer
RSS Equalizer
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